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AOE3 Trial Demo 1.1 (Reviewed)
Filename: aoe3trial11.exe

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426.76 MB
Ensemble Studios
Official Releases > Demos

Average User Rating: 8
Number of Votes: 576
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AOE3 Trial Demo 1.1 (Reviewed) - File Description  

Balance: 7
Quality: 9
FunFactor: 10
Stability: 10
Installation Instructions: 10

Overall Rating: 9.2

An updated playable demo for Age of Empires III. This version contains two singleplayer missions and two skirmish maps.


Try this awesome demo out! See if your RTS skills live up to Age 3. Be aware that this demo is not patched. Expect some units to be slightly unbalanced, but otherwise this demo shows off Age of Empires III in a great way.

Reviewed by Suleyman_Eisenhower, Filefront File Reviewer

AOE3 Trial Demo 1.1 (Reviewed) - Screenshots  
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AOE3 Trial Demo 1.1 (Reviewed) - File Download Options  

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Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download AOE3 Trial Demo 1.1 (Reviewed)!

AOE3 Trial Demo 1.1 (Reviewed) - Readme  
Readme File:
Microsoft Age of Empires III Trial
Readme File
September 2005

Welcome to Microsoft® Age of Empires® III Trial version!

This file contains information to help you install the Age of Empires III Trial. It includes late-breaking information not included in the in-game Help.

System requirements:

o 1.4ghz Processor
o 256 RAM
o 64 MB Video Card that supports HW T&L
o WinXP
o And for the demo, approximately 370MB of Hard Drive space.

A. Starting Age of Empires III Trial
B. Getting Help
C. Shortcut Keys
D. DirectX Troubleshooting
E. Video Troubleshooting
F. CD-ROM Drive Troubleshooting
G. Audio Troubleshooting
H. Age of Empires III Information

A. Starting Age of Empires III Trial

To start Age of Empires III

On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Games, point to Age of Empires III, and then click Age of Empires III.

B. Getting Help

You can find information about Age of Empires III Trial in the in-game Help.

To display in-game Help

Pause your pointer over any button or interface item in the game to view rollover help text. You can also right-click on any unit portrait or
improvement icon in the game to view detailed Help.

C. Shortcut Keys

SPACEBAR - Center View on Selected Unit
ALT - Display Details on Selected Unit
H - Toggle Home City Screen
/ - Cycle Explorers
' - Cycle Ships
. - Cycle Idle Villagers
, - Cycle Idle Military Units
; - Cycle Wagons (Covered Wagon, Fort Wagon, Outpost Wagon, Factory Wagon)

T - Town Center
CTRL+A - Artillery Foundry
CTRL+B - Barracks or Blockhouse
CTRL+C - Church
CTRL+D - Dock
CTRL+D - House or Manor House
CTRL+F - Fort
CTRL+I - Mill
CTRL+K - Bank
CTRL+L - Plantation
CTRL+M - Market
CTRL+O - Outpost
CTRL+P - Trading Post
CTRL+Q - Field Hospital
CTRL+R - Arsenal
CTRL+S - Stable
CTRL+V - Livestock Pen
CTRL+W - Wall
CTRL+Y - Factory
CTRL+Z - Capitol

Use the following shortcuts to create new buildings when a Villager is selected. For example, to create a Dock, select a Villager and then press D.


A - Artillery Foundry
B - Barracks or Blockhouse
C - Church
D - Dock
E - Town Center (this is for the Explorer only)
E - House or Manor House
F - Fort
K - Bank
I - Mill
L - Plantation
M - Market
O - Outpost
P - Trading Post
Q - Field Hospital
R - Arsenal
S - Stable
W - Wall
V - Livestock Pen

D. DirectX Troubleshooting

DirectX® 9c or later must be installed on your computer before you can play Age of Empires III Trial. If you do not have DirectX 9c installed on your computer and you chose not to install DirectX 9c when you installed Age of Empires III
Trial, you will not be able to play Age of Empires III Trial. Install DirectX 9c by re-installing Age of Empires III Trial, or download the software from Microsoft Windows Update ().

If Age of Empires III Trial installed DirectX 9c but could not update your video drivers to be compatible with DirectX 9c, when you restart your computer you will receive the message "Age of Empires III could not initialize DirectX.
Make sure that DirectX 9c or higher is installed and contact your hardware manufacturer for a video driver update." To fix this problem, either get updated video drivers from Microsoft Windows Update
(), your video adapter manufacturer, or install DirectX in safe mode, which will replace the video drivers.

If you experience sound or video problems using DirectX, go to
for the latest troubleshooting information.

You should also check with your video or sound card manufacturer for the latest DirectX-compatible drivers.

E. Video Troubleshooting

Latest Drivers - Make sure that you have the latest drivers from your video card manufacturer or check Windows Update
() for the latest drivers. Users of motherboards with non-Intel chipsets should upgrade to the latest miniport drivers available from their motherboard manufacturer.

DirectX - If you experience video problems using DirectX, connect to the DirectX Web site for the latest troubleshooting information at

F. CD-ROM Drive Troubleshooting

Age of Empires III uses SSI encryption technology. Some CD-ROM drives may not be compatible with this technology.

G. Audio Troubleshooting

DirectX - If you experience audio problems using DirectX, connect to the DirectX Web site for the latest troubleshooting information, as explained in DirectX Troubleshooting. If this occurs, make sure that you have the latest drivers from your sound card manufacturer or check Windows Update
() for the latest drivers.

J. Age of Empires III Information

For more information about Age of Empires III, visit our Web site at

© & p 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Age of Empires, DirectX, Ensemble Studios, the Microsoft Game Studios logo, The Age of Kings, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft
Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

AOE3 Trial Demo 1.1 (Reviewed) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. AoE3 Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 20 | Last comment: 02-06-2007 at 10:01

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 Expand#1 - o-o - Posted by: Lt_myn_skyhopper (Member) - 11-01-2005 at 22:39

 Expand#2 - Posted by: seanvito (Member) - 12-08-2005 at 21:51

 Expand#3 - Posted by: stue001 (Member) - 01-26-2006 at 01:57

 Expand#4 - I played AoE ever since I was 8 years-old! Nice updated demo. - Posted by: McDonald0007 (Member) - 01-26-2006 at 06:48

 Expand#5 - I OWN U ALL! - Posted by: Marz_bar911 (Member) - 04-12-2006 at 20:17

 Expand#6 - Posted by: BlueDragon27 (Member) - 04-13-2006 at 17:14

 Expand#7 - hmmmmmmmmmmm - Posted by: stingray1399 (Member) - 04-29-2006 at 12:57

 Expand#8 - Posted by: BlueDragon27 (Member) - 04-29-2006 at 17:06

 Expand#9 - HOW TO DOWNLOAD ??? - Posted by: mgs_joker (Member) - 07-06-2006 at 00:36

 Expand#10 - Posted by: BlueDragon27 (Member) - 07-06-2006 at 02:43

 Expand#11 - issues - Posted by: seanvito (Member) - 07-12-2006 at 16:46

 Expand#12 - Posted by: BlueDragon27 (Member) - 07-13-2006 at 01:37

 Expand#13 - still issues - Posted by: seanvito (Member) - 07-14-2006 at 18:33

 Expand#14 - Posted by: BlueDragon27 (Member) - 07-14-2006 at 20:47

 Expand#15 - ??? Improve Demo??? - Posted by: yodajunkie (Member) - 09-11-2006 at 16:16

 Expand#16 - Posted by: BlueDragon27 (Member) - 09-12-2006 at 01:47

 Expand#17 - dang - Posted by: celtec (Member) - 09-22-2006 at 14:49

 Expand#18 - EroRR in download Demo - Posted by: alab0 (Member) - 12-23-2006 at 00:38

 Expand#19 - Posted by: Riot (Member) - 12-31-2006 at 09:50

 Expand#20 - aoe and aother games - Posted by: sirfrog (Member) - 02-06-2007 at 10:01

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